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What the Heck is a Home Teacher? And Answers to Other Mormon Terms.


DTR - Define The Relationship. Also known as "The Talk". That point in a relationship where you figure out what exactly this "thing" is.


FHE -  Family Home Evening. Every Monday night time is set aside to spend time as a family. It usually involves some sort of lesson, activity, song, prayer and treats, but can be any combination of these.


CTR - Choose The Right


EFY - Especially For Youth. A Youth Conference held during the summer months, generally on BYU campuses.


Mission - A voluntary mission for members of the church. For men they can go at the age of 18 and serve for 2 years. For women they can go at the age of 19 and serve for 1.5 years.


The Field - The place where you serve your mission. Short for "Mission Field."


Elders Quorum President - The man in charge of the class or "quorum" of Elders (generally men over 18) at church.


Fast - To go without food or drink for 24 hrs. in order to become closer to the Holy Spirit.


Fast and Testimony Mtg. - The Sacrament Meeting the first Sunday of every month set aside for members to "fast" and share their "testimonies" or beliefs and spiritual experiences.


Relief Society - The women's organization of the church.


MTC - The Missionary Training Center where future missionaries go to receive training and learn a foreign language if they are going on a foreign speaking mission.


Tracting - When missionaries go into neighborhoods and talk to people to invite them to hear the missionary discussion.


Priesthood - The power given to men to act in the name of God.


Temple - A building where sacred religious ordinances are performed.


Sister - How woman are addressed in church, followed by their last name. Ex: Sister Johnson


Brother - How men are addressed in church, followed by their last name.  Ex:  Brother Johnson


Home teacher - The men of the church are assigned to visit families or individuals in their ward boundaries to check on their well-being.


Visiting Teacher - The women of the church are assigned to visit other women in their ward boundaries to check on thier well-being.


General Conference - A world-wide conference that happens twice a year, the first weekend in October and the first weekend in April where we listen to talk by the Prophet and the General Authorities of the church.


Ward - A congregration.


Stake - Often confused with steak, but something very different. A Stake is a group of wards within certain geographical boundaries.


Opening Social - The first social of the semester.


Singles Ward - A ward specifically for single members of the church.


Closing Social - The final social of the semester.


Sweet Spirit - A nice way of saying someone is more spiritually attractive than physically attractive.

Sally Johnson Writes - Author of Clean Romance
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