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One wicked(?) witch…

In a single, terrible day, lifestyle guru Kate Coughlin lost her budding business, her passion for design, and ALL belief in love. As far as she’s concerned, love is a curse and she wants nothing more to do with it. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Now she’s living the dream—stocking shelves at her 9-to-5 retail job, ordering pizza, and binging Netflix night after night. Alone. And nobody’s going to change that.

…is about to meet one handsome devil…

Widower Grant Shepard thinks taking on a Victorian fixer-upper will give him the fresh start he needs. But this old house of horrors is being held together by duct tape and prayers--and Grant barely knows the difference between a sawhorse and a sawblade. Now he’s fifty thousand dollars in the hole and the money pit just keeps getting deeper.

Little does he know his new neighbor is former DIY diva Kate, who’s as handy with a power drill as she is with a color palette.

When Kate rescues him from a plumbing nightmare, they find there might just be a foundation of friendship there…or possibly more…

Can these two banish the ghosts of their pasts and build something magical together?

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Sally Johnson Writes - Author of Clean Romance
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